What is TNWTL movement about?

TNWTL MOVEMENT is a company based out of Texas, collecting stories from people all over Instagram, the streets & other online avenues to get people thoughts out in the world to create a positive impact for people in the world, the goal is for TNWTL movement to complete over 1 billion stories by 2023 and keep going afterwards, we want to be able to share stories of people everywhere because we may look or feel a certain way on the internet but how do we really feel so TNWTL movement is that place to be yourself and tell yourself to the world.

What type of things does TNWTL movement offer?

-People’s Stories

-Social Media Platform

-Donate to a Cause

-Watch our TV Network

-Listen to our music

-Listen To our Podcast

-Go Shopping

-Play Games

-Join The Team(Coming Soon)

What are the 2019 goals for TNWTL movement

-Offer 10,000+ Products in our store

-Share 400,000-1,000,000 stories

-Create New TV Shows & Movies

-Start Small Events

-Begin Live Interviews

-Begin a donation box to fund organizations and small businesses.