TNWTL MOVEMENT Wall Of Fame, Showcases Those Who Surpass or Trend Other Articles Every week, month and year. from the general public to celebrities anyone can make it to the wall of fame. 

Person Of The Year (2019)



People Of The Week

Month OF April

Kayy Curvy (Week 1)

Alina Lopez (Week 2)

Grayson Dolan (Week 3)
Grayson Dolan (Week 4)

Month Of May

Grayson Dolan (Week 1)

Mezzus (Week 2)
Laynaboo (Week 3)
Laynaboo (Week 4)

Month Of June

Violet Summers (Week 1)
Laynaboo (Week 2)
Violet Summers (Week 3)
Violet Summers (Week 4)

Month Of July 

Violet Summers (Week 1)
Violet Summers (Week 2)
Violet Summers(Week 3)
Violet Summers (Week 4)

Month Of August

Violet Summers (Week 1)

People Of The Month

Emily Rinaudo (January)

Laura Cavacece (February)

Savannah Sixx (March)

Kayy Curvy (April)
Mezzus (May)
Violet Summers (June)