Jeremy Manning (CEO) (Chief Executive Officer)

Story: Jeremy created the idea of TNWTL MOVEMENT back in 2013 and his idea was wanting to create a platform where people will be able to share their stories and open up their minds about people around the world, it all started with video interviews on YouTube and now it’s broadening out to Written Interviews. TNWTL MOVEMENT has become a multi-media company that will acquire more than 7 billion stories around the world through written interviews, live face to face interviews, online face to face interviews and much more, TNWTL MOVEMENT is also partnering with 10,000+ companies to bring anything and everything you want from apparel, traveling, games, cars & so much more. Jeremy plans to bring a great equally environment for his current and future team. “We will work hard to bring over 1 trillion website views to the site so that we know everyone in the world has been Heard” says Jeremy. From working jobs like Sunset Pointe, Dollar General, and leaving on the 7th of February Marriott, Jeremy is willing to work hard for TNWTL MOVEMENT and bring the best of the company in so many ways.

Sean Sutton (1st Chief Operating Officer & Partnership Manager)

Story: Sean Sutton is a business driven individual originally from Honolulu Hawaii and moved to Texas in 2013. Starting off as a braums crew member at the of 15, he then went from burgers to BMW’s as he took on a role of Client Advisor for BMW of North America at 19. His willingness to provide a peerless customer experience for all is what has really propelled him through the business and plans to apply that to TNWTL. Recognizing market swings, business trends and maintaining client relationships will definitely be vital to TNWTL. With free time, he is indeed a gear head participating in car shows, car meets, as well as working on his own cars. He gives a lot of credit to his father Shane Sutton as it relates to his outlooks on life and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. As that will only make you stronger.

Neptune City Band(Managed By TNWTL MOVEMENT)

Cedric Cook (Assistant Of TNWTL MOVEMENT & Songwriter)

AyeyoSmoov Aka:Cedric cook is a singer out of Orlando,FL currently living in Dallas he has done a lot of musical endeavors which where mostly done in his years of high school from Musical theatre all the way to show choir which he has many awards to prove the hard work and dedication he had given to get the roles he had two years after he left high school he never thought he’d meet two people that would change he’s life and become very close to him two people who would help him forum the group NEPTUNECITY which is now a Neosoul sensation with every step we take a challenge is made but we overcome and conquer it all by Putting out positive love now let this sound sound take u to a city u never been

Drew (Singer)

Huggs (Musical Director/Piano)