Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo has a net worth around $500 million dollars.

Discover Music: Midnight Tyrannosaurus- Dinosaur Sh*t

Midnight Tyrannosaurus, is heavy with this track, you’re gonna have your head spinning after this banger goes through your ears one time, I’ve always expected a Loud bass and boom through my ears with Midnight, matter of fact I turn up the speakers louder. Here’s the track Dinosaur 🦕 Sh*t by Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

Discover Music: Infekt – Score

I’m back with another one from infekt, this track from High Score Ep will have your head bopping non stop, it’s heavy hitting bass will make your ears pop, I love the sound design of Infekt and how heavy of a wobble he’s able to bring with this track but I hope you all enjoy this jam Score by Infekt.