Discover Music: Flwr Chyld, Mia Gladstone & Elujay – AuraBlu

This song is making my whole rest of the year, it’s making me smile because I’m not being a man and standing up to people and not letting them run over me like I have been in the past couple of years, I’m glad I’m gonna be shining in this world with all my favoriteContinue reading “Discover Music: Flwr Chyld, Mia Gladstone & Elujay – AuraBlu”

Discover Music: Supreme Patty – Gelato

Gelato got me flying in the skyyyy, this track is flyyy it was very catchy and I have to say with how crazy supreme patty is, he knows how to rap a bit and spit a good verses, I rock with this track. I like the beat and the flow of the song. But yoContinue reading “Discover Music: Supreme Patty – Gelato”

Discover Music(Classics): Ne-Yo ft Rick Ross – Superhigh

This song right here is for the ladies, you feeling good and wanna feel superhigh in love, this is the song for you, I love this collab with Rick Ross and Ne-Yo they truly showed out on this track and released something smoothing, yet incredible for those around the world so I appreciate this track,Continue reading “Discover Music(Classics): Ne-Yo ft Rick Ross – Superhigh”

Discover Music: Kid Quill – Memories

This song is so smoothing, it’s something you would turn on during a starry night and daydream about things in life and dream of memories you’ve had through your life, Kid Quill’s voice is so elegant on this track and I appreciate every moment of it. 💯 Artist Kid Quill

I’m feeling quite good within myself, would be better if junk food didn’t taste to damn good

Introduce Yourself: My names tony Tennant, I’ve been training now for roughly about 3 years, looking to make a name for myself Thoughts On People In The World?: My idea Varys on this question. What are your inspirations & goals?: My goal and inspiration is to become a better version of myself How would youContinue reading “I’m feeling quite good within myself, would be better if junk food didn’t taste to damn good”

Blue Sky Murano Pattern

Blue Sky Murano Pattern – $69.99 This hoodie sweater is great for day or evening wear. Its comfortable and super easy to care for. Each sweater is done one at a time in our USA facility to your specific orderThis is a unique water based dye process where the image becomes a permanent part ofContinue reading “Blue Sky Murano Pattern”