Discover Music: Kelsea Ballerini – Club


I must say the music video for Club by Kelsea Ballerini was fantastic, I really appreciate how well together it was put and i honestly feel the same way about the club, many people really just lose touch of reality when they go there and become a whole other person, what I’ve learned from this song & video is that you don’t have to go get drunk and do crazy things to have fun you can just have a night with your friends doing cool activities together and have a good time. ✨ so I like that this song was brought to the light by Kelsea I loved it.

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Adventures Of A Food Delivery Driver (March 02, 2020) Restaurants: O-Charleys, American Deli, Subway, Chipotle & Little Caesar’s.


Time: 11:30 am

– So today I’m starting off a new segment where I take y’all on an adventure of me being a delivery driver and working DoorDash, Uber & Postmates All At Once, I’m currently in Alabama doing deliveries, I was formerly in Dallas Texas and now I’m here to start a new chapter and show you all how much you can make doing deliveries.

Time: 11:38 am

So the deliveries I’ve been getting are pretty trash and in locations I don’t wanna go, I’m very picky about where I deliver to and where I wanna work because some places just are not what they are so I deliver where I please, I’m sitting now waiting for an order to pull through hoping it’s an order for a house or Easy apartment complex and not some school or hospital because I can’t stand those type of deliveries. ✨ I’ve declined about 6 of them so far 😑

Time: 11:58

First order O-Charleys

Arrived at restaurant, total order says $5.75 let’s see how much I actually end up with.

Here’s my Customers order

Currently leaving the restaurant took a good couple minutes to make but I got my order. Now time to go.

Okay lol I’ve arrived time to find the customer and see what I banked after this order because doordash prices do change at times with orders.

Order number one complete and my ending total was

They left no tip lol. Anyways next order same restaurant but the price is different.

Total order is $7.00 you should know the drill now y’all let’s do this 💯👏.

Bigger order maybe bigger pay too?!! Lol let’s see what happens. There may be surprises you guys I really don’t know, and Omg lady forgot something lol 😂

Alright time to go she forgot to give me this.

Arrived. Man do you get that feeling when you trying to park and it feels like you gonna hit another car well that’s how I felt with these tiny oh parking spots.

The total of that order was.

$7.00 but that’s okay let’s move onto the next order and keep grinding, see y’all on the next order.

Next order American Deli inside the Bel Air Mall, Pay is $5.00

I’ve arrived and ready to pick up my order here’s the order.

Leaving Restaurant now time to finish this order.

Final results of order lol the lady was like what’s the address, it’s yours 😂 did she forget she ordered food. But onto the next.

Time 1:30pm

Let’s go fetch a subway order because this one was price at for $6.35 for Uber. She-Litha love the unique name.

The customers order.

Arrived. Game time baby!

They are at a hotel, whew I tell you I love the easy drop offs because ive had some challenging deliveries to where I’ve almost wanted to stop looking and cancel the order because either customer wasn’t there or no location but let’s goo.

Order completed onto the next order.

$9.00 Chipotle order I’m with it. Let’s get it. 💯 I searched the address I believe it’s a small consultant I hope I’m right. Here’s the order.

Time to get a move on 👏👏✨

Wow some dude really stop at a red light with an ambulance blasting his sirens behind him lol people can be dumb.

I’ve arrived and now I’m onto another order. This will be my last order for food deliveries today.

Last order was $9.00 now I get to finish deliveries with a $11.25 order from Little Caesars

Time to pick up the last order.

Time to go ✨✨✨ I’m gonna be getting some ramen and playing the PlayStation after this order so I’ll do the final total after I’m done.

So my total for today was $50 in 3 hours I may do Instacart orders and create articles on those but I enjoyed myself and I hope you all enjoyed this article I’ll see you in the next one.

Ps the customer let me have his other breadsticks

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