How Much Is Dovetale’s Website Worth?

Dovetale is an all-in-one database built to help you grow your business and build more meaningful relationships with creators. has an estimated worth of $28.9K – $75.4K Alexa Rank: 75,137    

Discover Music: Chris Young – Drowning

This song is truly a jewel buts it’s sad because we’ve had those moments where we have someone we’ve deeply loved and have went through a breakup, its hard to get back up because you May have fell deeply in love with this person, but I really do appreciate this song because it has suchContinue reading “Discover Music: Chris Young – Drowning”

Discover Music: Hunter Hayes – Wanted

Hunter Hayes’s Wanted song is something that brings faith back in humanity, though the song is 7- 8 years old, it still has so much meaning and truly defines what true love looks like if you take the time to really listen to the words and give this song a chance, I really appreciate youContinue reading “Discover Music: Hunter Hayes – Wanted”

Discover Music: Travis Thompson – Need You

Travis Thompson I wasn’t expecting this, Travis really flowed so well on this track and it’s visuals were so good, yo I’m not gonna lie, for the way I’ve seen and heard other music I thought this was gonna be Gonna be just like the rest of them but Travis showed up in the cutContinue reading “Discover Music: Travis Thompson – Need You”

Discover Music: Bruno Major – Easily

Bruno Major Mr Bruno’s voice is truly beautiful with this song and it really can mean more than just love, it can be if you’re facing troubles with achieving goals or going through life. This song really opens up different meanings for different things. Look at this line “Just because it won’t come easily Doesn’tContinue reading “Discover Music: Bruno Major – Easily”


Introduce Yourself: My name is Andrew,I am 21 years old,I am a Tanzanian,I am a student Thoughts On People In The World?: People are the ones who make the world, they should live in peace and harmony among each other to keep the name world alive What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations are on acting andContinue reading “Andrew”