Alyssa Bonagura

Alyssa Bonagura from what i learned is a country artist singer who’s been doing music since birth, so she’s been born into the industry because her parents were in a band, i listened her song Rebel and I was amazed at how she sung it so well, beautiful sound, tone was on point and her song made you feel relax, no doubt her parents raised her right, she deserves to have what she does because I appreciate music like Alyssa’s where you can listen to it and take a moment to smile because it’s true, from the heart and real. If you would like to check out her song rebel i attached a link below.

As I continue to research more about Alyssa I couldn’t help but notice her amazing photos, she looks like an absolute model and I love how incredible each photo is. So I wanted to take a moment to admire these photos with the rest of you.

This is Alyssa Bonagura and I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about her, I have more on the way under music, the next thing to write about her is music and review it so I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading. ✨