People Of Instagram: Kush Queen Jade

Kush Queen Jade

Let’s take a time to admire this angel ✨ yes she’s truly beautiful. So I believe you should follow her and get into her world. ✨

Best Of Lute: Top 3 Youtube Tracks

Lute an amazing artist, brings amazing music to the table and it’s honestly real & inspiring to the world, let us take a look at Lute’s top tracks.


1. Morning Shift(1.4M views)

2. Still Slummin(1.2M views)

3. GED(Gettin Every Dolla) (1M Views)

So we added up lute’s views and how much revenue he would bring if he was paid my pay per 1,000 views and his total is $5,148 which is dope and I appreciate lute for making dope tracks for the world.

Discover Music: Mac Ayres – Roses

Mac Ayres

Roses truly brings out love in a song that you can feel, I love how soft and smooth it gets, it’s like being in an intimate moment with your mate and this song comes on and you two go and make the love you’ve two been dying for, this is the song to truly get your emotions going.