How Much Is Drake’s Instagram Worth?

Only likes here no followers and it’s for the year of 2019 but yo drake made a decent amount ❤️ for the likes he got in 2019 Drake So Mr Drakes Total came to a whooping. $372,480.54 for his total amount of likes in 2019 ❤️ ✨✨✨ shine brother shine ✨✨✨

Best Of Mia Gladstone: Top 3 Youtube Tracks

Mia Gladstone is a very beautiful yet incredible artists who’s made some truly incredible music that many enjoy, she deserves so much in the world and has such a great heart. If you ever wanna find a woman with such a beautiful voice that can flow to rap music and smooth tracks it’s Mia butContinue reading “Best Of Mia Gladstone: Top 3 Youtube Tracks”

Libby Barnes

Hearing Libby Barnes is truly amazing, I listened to her song Just For Tonight and it reminded me of a very true love story but sad in a sense because in the music video it really looks like one of those moments you would enjoy with the love of your life and knowing that eventuallyContinue reading “Libby Barnes”

A List Of 10 Beautiful Women On Instagram featuring Milah Stoneham, Abby, Chloe & More.

Milah Stoneham Abby Chloe Maddie Meyer Autumn Jaclyn Adams Kailee Rose Yari Karla Lara Alexis