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Discover Music: INFEKT – Shoppe

Infekt Shoppe is a non stop bass banger, this track from Infekt’s high score Ep will have your head spinning of how incredibly bass knocking this track can really get, I like infekt’s sounds in this track because he switches it up from high to low high to low, then that clacking of the bassContinue reading “Discover Music: INFEKT – Shoppe”

Discover Music: Virtual Riot – Shindeiru

Virtual Riot Virtual Riot’s sound design to this song is something so special, I can’t even fathom of how amazing he made this track, I love the loud knocking bass that makes my head bop everytime. Truly loving this track daily from VR. Check out the track here at Dub Rebellion

Discover Music: Infekt – Score

I’m back with another one from infekt, this track from High Score Ep will have your head bopping non stop, it’s heavy hitting bass will make your ears pop, I love the sound design of Infekt and how heavy of a wobble he’s able to bring with this track but I hope you all enjoyContinue reading “Discover Music: Infekt – Score”

Cole Swindell – Should’ve Ran After You.

I love this song because it’s very catchy and lovely but has a little of a sad tone to it because you lost someone so special to you, they went to someone else and you desperately want them back and this song just brings out how you wanna run after them because you start reminiscingContinue reading “Cole Swindell – Should’ve Ran After You.”

Discover Music: Chris Young – Drowning

This song is truly a jewel buts it’s sad because we’ve had those moments where we have someone we’ve deeply loved and have went through a breakup, its hard to get back up because you May have fell deeply in love with this person, but I really do appreciate this song because it has suchContinue reading “Discover Music: Chris Young – Drowning”