Dua Lipa’s Break My Heart is a groovy love song that will settle in your heart.

Dua Lipa When I listened this song and I would watched the music video by Dua, it really was interesting, because the song had a very groovy and funky beat to it and the music video was colorful and bright but was cool to watch. Here’s the music video

Discover Music: PGK Groovy Tony – Hittas

PGK Groovy Tony This was straight bars from Groovy Tony, I love how he puts this song together lyrically and produced a really beat with it, I felt it and it something everyone should listen to and enjoy, he puts his all into his tracks which is why he always drops bangers like this. EnjoyContinue reading “Discover Music: PGK Groovy Tony – Hittas”

Discover People Around The World: Ryan Beatty

Ryan Beatty Ryan’s voice will have you with the Goosebumps, his voice is often heard Brockhampton track “Bleach” but he also has such a memorable voice that you will love it every-time you play his tracks, one of his amazing tracks is “Haircut” and it’s something that really has an amazing tone to it andContinue reading “Discover People Around The World: Ryan Beatty”

Discover Music: Carter Reeves – Grey Area

This song and music video was groovy and nicely done, I loved the fact the moment you put this song on, you dance immediately and don’t stop till this song is over, that’s how groovy this was by Carter Reeves. ❤️ listen to this song and you will be dancing on your bed. Artist CarterContinue reading “Discover Music: Carter Reeves – Grey Area”