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Ashton D. Simmonds, known professionally as Daniel Caesar, is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

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Discover People Around The World: Monxx



Genre: Dance/Electronic

Monxx’s style of music is truly something you won’t forget, he’s truly a unique artist that has amazing remixes and dope tracks as a whole, when you listen to Monxx it hits different, It’s nothing but heavy hitting bass that will break your speakers any given day. Monxx has done many amazing tracks with some amazing people which include: Ivory Dubz, Codd Dubz, Stabby & More

Monxx Tracks

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Songs/Tracks New and Old You Should Listen To In 2020! Featuring Flwr Chyld, Khai Dreams, CC Miles & More


This is a huge list of music new and old that you should listen to in 2020, if you’ve heard these songs that’s good but if not add them to your playlist because there’s some amazing music you’re about to discover that will make you feel good, jump up and down, put you through some moods, make you think about life, relatable and so much more.

  1. Flwr Chyld Ft Mia Gladstone – Fly Me Away
  2. Khai Dreams – When I Look Into Your Eyes
  3. CC Miles – The Lucky Ones
  4. Sam Bruno – Break
  5. Taylor Red – Catch Me If You Can’t
  6. Chris Janson – Done
  7. LOCASH – One Big Country Song
  8. Tyler Farr – Love by the Moon
  9. Alex Isley – Road To You
  10. Kenyon Dixon – Body’s Calling
  11. T.O.U – Blow My Mind
  12. Tweet – Magic
  13. Fantasia – Bad Girl
  14. Keke Wyatt – Nothing In This World
  15. Ciara – Set
  16. Rich Brian – Watch Out
  17. femdot – lost
  18. Supa Bwe – Hawaii
  19. Tay Money – U Poppin
  20. Chance The Rapper – We Go High
  21. Cosha TG – Moving On
  22. Jean Deaux – Work 4 Me
  23. Towkio- Drift
  24. BBY GOYARD – Wild Thing
  25. Weiland – Colors
  26. Ronsocold – No They Can’t
  27. Robb Bank$ – Don Dadda
  28. Guapdad 4000 – Flossin
  29. Buddy – Shine
  30. Rapsody- Nina
  31. Talib Kweli – Listen
  32. Grimes – My Name Is Dark
  33. Charli XCX – Thoughts
  34. Sky Ferreira- I Blame Myself
  35. MARINA – To Be Human
  36. Kim Petras – Clarity
  37. Foals – Into The Surf
  38. Royal Blood – Lights Out
  39. cleopatrick – youth
  40. The Blue Stones – The Hard Part
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