Discover Music: Tayyib Ali – Do It

Tayyib Ali This song reminds me of how I feel about my grandparents especially this line Working overtime for a million And this is hip hop, bitch you can sit down Bum when I was younger but I bet you want me nizzow, Ballin in bound, haters they see me shining and they frizown IContinue reading “Discover Music: Tayyib Ali – Do It”

Discover Music: TrippyThaKid – LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE

Trippy Tha Kid This was no surprise by Trippy Tha Kid, with his known collaborations with bbno$ he’s known for rapping with a very heavy and flowy style that truly makes this track an all time favorite for people who wanna listen to real rap, enjoy this amazing track by Trippy Tha Kid – LEEDLEContinue reading “Discover Music: TrippyThaKid – LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE”

Discover Music: Fat Nick & Shakewell – Pemex

Fat Nick Shakewell This is a very nicely done track by Fat Nick and Shakewell,they both flowed very well on this track, beat was banging and visuals to the music video was astonishing, I loved every aspect of this song and I feel that more of you should take a peep and listen to thisContinue reading “Discover Music: Fat Nick & Shakewell – Pemex”

Discover Music: Devon Baldwin – Underwater

Every aspect of this song was amazing from the beginning to the end, Devon’s voice, the visuals everything in this song is truly unique and I appreciate the smoothness of the song and the beauty of the way it was put together. ❤️ you should listen to this amazing track by Devon Baldwin. Artist DevonContinue reading “Discover Music: Devon Baldwin – Underwater”

Discover Music: Molly Moore – i love you but I don’t like you.

This song is something that I feel everyday for people who have done me wrong and I still care about them yet I don’t really like them. Molly does a wonderful job with the whole put together of the song, the sound, voice and everything flows so well, you all should definitely take a listenContinue reading “Discover Music: Molly Moore – i love you but I don’t like you.”