Discover Music Hi-Rez – All I Have (Classic)

This will always be a banger, this is the younger Hi-Rez when he was making his debut in his rapping career and as you can see from his music flow her and his flow now it’s so much faster, he’s spitting rhymes crazier then ever and of course my bro grew the beard, but thisContinue reading “Discover Music Hi-Rez – All I Have (Classic)”

Discover Music: Tafari Friday ft Zach Graves – Better By Myself

Tafari Friday’s Instagram Tafari has been a close buddy of mine for a while now and he told me dropped the album sure enough I listened to it and this song right here gave me so much approval to where this song from the album had to be written about immediately, it’s everything you wantContinue reading “Discover Music: Tafari Friday ft Zach Graves – Better By Myself”

Yung Gravy Snow ❄️

Yung Gravy Gravy looks fly even when it’s snowing, it’s amazing how far Gravy has come, just a young man grinding and now a young boss making big moves. He’s done many things with Bbno$, Mia Gladstone and more and it’s amazing they growing into these amazing artist that worked hard independently to get toContinue reading “Yung Gravy Snow ❄️”

Discover Music: G-Eazy Ft Devon Baldwin + Ari Fay

G Eazy Devon Baldwin This song is something real, it’s real nice to make it in the top 1% because many people chase for that but never make it and this just shows it takes years of dedication to work hard for something and it won’t come easy because you gotta continue to grow andContinue reading “Discover Music: G-Eazy Ft Devon Baldwin + Ari Fay”