How Many Followers Yaslen Clemente Have?

Yaslen Clemente has 2.3 million Instagram Followers.

How Many Instagram Followers Does dearra (De’arra Taylor) have?

De’arra Taylor has 4.3 million Instagram Followers. View this post on Instagram Black Barbie 💕 p.s y’all know ya girl love online shopping and stylin & profilin so I’m tryna go on a shopping spree 🤑 Spam in the comments below BLACK OWNED businesses so I can support ✊🏾 A post shared by De'arra TaylorContinue reading “How Many Instagram Followers Does dearra (De’arra Taylor) have?”

Discover Music: Victoria Monét – Moment.

Victoria in this song Moment from what I get is she’s explaining to someone she loves that it’s their moment to show her how they feel and that this is real life, that it ain’t imagination it’s the real deal, I like how well put this song is because it has a feel of realness,Continue reading “Discover Music: Victoria Monét – Moment.”