Pictures Of Getter

Tanner Petulla, known professionally as Getter, is an American DJ, producer, rapper, actor and comedian from San Jose, California.

Discover Music: Virtual Riot – Shindeiru

Virtual Riot Virtual Riot’s sound design to this song is something so special, I can’t even fathom of how amazing he made this track, I love the loud knocking bass that makes my head bop everytime. Truly loving this track daily from VR. Check out the track here at Dub Rebellion

Best Of RL Grime: Top 3 Youtube Tracks

Okay here we are with another segment with the top 3 tracks from RL Grime, for all his fans out there I hope you all enjoy this article and just get a just of what he can make from you all streaming his music on YouTube✨ these are only estimates. But here’s RL Grimes topContinue reading “Best Of RL Grime: Top 3 Youtube Tracks”