Brianna”Amazing” Morgal

  Brianna Amazing , the girl whose dreams she wants to become into reality. Born & Raised in Levittown, Pennsylvania this bright 23 year old young girl has a lot to accomplish in this lifetime, such as becoming someone in the music industry . Music has made such an impact on her life to theContinue reading “Brianna”Amazing” Morgal”

Discover Music: dhruv – Double Take

Dhruv’s Instagram DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE, because I do this song makes you wanna fall in love with someone because of the sound and voice of dhruv, he’s so smooth with it, so tell me do you feel the love with the listen to this because this i love the way this makes meContinue reading “Discover Music: dhruv – Double Take”

A List Of 10 Beautiful Women On Instagram featuring Miranda Cosgrove, Kira, Kennedy and More.

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