How Much is Instacart Website Worth?



Instacart is a food grocery delivery company which delivers patrons groceries within an hour, Instacart is the top dog in the grocery business, but today I will be evaluating the website worth of Instacart. has an estimated worth of $622K – $87M

Alexa Rank: 2,008

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DoorDash is a food delivery logistics company that transfers goods from merchants to customers in 30 mins or less, the company was founded in 2013 in San Francisco, California by Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu and Evan Moore the 4 created this delivery giant together and planned to changed the way food is delivered in many ways.



Doordash Red Logo
Founded San Francisco, California
Founders Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu and Evan Moore
Year Founded 2013
Type Logistics Company
Industry Food & Retail
  • 4,000 Cities
  • 500,000+ Dashers
  • 100 million deliveries
Social Media
Sign Up To Dash Dasher Sign Up
Net Worth $7.1 Billion USD


Doordash is very proud of the way things have been going for the delivery giant that they have completed over 100 million deliveries in just 5+ years and that’s a huge achievement for the company Doordash, they also give back to the community with their Project Dash which in their mission they plan to provide a meal for every order made through the DoorDash app to provide for people who go hungry everyday. DoorDash has over 500,000 Dashers worldwide who deliver goods to customers on a daily basis, if we had to say anything it would be that DoorDash for sure is dominating the delivery business with it’s incredible numbers but it won’t stop there.

Driving as a Dasher:

Driving as a Dasher pays very well with DoorDash you can earn up to $30 an hour, with the platform you can dash anywhere you want at anytime as long as you are scheduled to dash in that area you can deliver food wherever you are.

Here you can see the area you are dashing and your earnings for Doordash every week.

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Postmates(Post-Mates) is a logistics company founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice and Sam Street.



Postmates Black Logo

San  Francisco, California 

  • Bastian Lehmann(CEO)
  • Sean Plaice
  • Sam Street
Type Logistics Company
Industry Food & Retail
  • 3,500 Cities
  • 500K Merchants 
  • 5M Deliveries A Month
Social Media
The Website & Sign Up To Drive For Postmates


Just Postmate It! Postmates is a Logistics Company that delivers in over 3,000 cities worldwide with over 10,000+ couriers, Postmates has made it to 5M deliveries a month with just over 500K+ merchants worldwide, their mission has been to always been to transform the way people get anything they need delivered to them at anytime from anywhere.

2011 – Postmates Was Founded

2014 – Postmates Hit 1 million deliveries

2015- Postmates Hits 8 Million Deliveries

2017 – Launched it’s operations Internationally

Driving For Postmates :

Signing up to drive for Postmates is free you can drive anywhere at anytime as long as you are available to drive. You can make very good money driving for Postmates Up To $21-25/hour

What your driver app will look like. Hope You Enjoy and Make Some Money.


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Pizza Hut



Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut Red Logo
Origin Wichita Kansas
Founded May 31st 1958 – Present
Founders Carney Brothers
Total # Restaurants 16,000
Countries 100+
Employees 350,000


Pizza Hut was founded by the Carney brothers, it is said that they borrowed money from their mom to open their first pizza place, from 1958 to now Pizza Hut has been known as the number 1 Pizza chain by  far, many customers enjoy their food for the many years that have come, Pizza Huts goal is to make people happy as their saying “no one out pizzas the hut saying goes” they do a very amazing job at making customers happy with their service and creating a lovely experience for customers around the world.


1969 – The Symbol for Pizza Hut is created.

1986 – Pizza Hut opened their 5,000th restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

1994 – Pizza Hut becomes the first chain to offer delivery online for customers wanting delivery.

2009 – Pizza Hut mobile app launches and is released.

2018 – Pizza Hut becomes an official sponsor of the NFL

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How much can you earn with door-dash! Week Of June 3- June 9th 2019 is it worth it!?!



June 6th was a pretty interesting day, now hence I did door dash pretty irregular which made my earnings quite low but here’s what you can earn from delivering food with door-dash.

The three places I went this week were

TJ’s SeaFood Market

Urban Cache

Modern Market Eatery

My total for these 3 orders were $20.03 which means I averaged around $6.67 per delivery that day.


On this day I went to two places



My total for those two deliveries were $10.51 which averaged me about $5.25 per delivery


It’s crazy how inconsistent I was with Door-Dash. If I would have done more deliveries I would have been in a better position but it is what it is you can’t get mad just keep it moving. With that being said. The places I went to were

Burger House


So I did 7 deliveries that week making a total of $55.49 so I averaged $7.92 per delivery haha talk about $17 an hour not true!

So is this worth it or not to you?

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