Man brings pizza to teen’s house, meets Chris Hansen instead

Discover Music: Vado – Keep It Goin

It’s only right to do articles for my dawg Vado, I remember listening to this song back in middle school, yeah I go way back with this jam, what this jam taught me was to keep hustling no matter what because you gonna get there and that’s why I felt this song and truly gotContinue reading “Discover Music: Vado – Keep It Goin”

Discover Music: Chris Webby – Stuck In My Ways

This song is truly incredible by Chris Webby, it truly was a very deep and lovely song that really explains my life in way tbh. I can relate so much to this song and I’m pretty sure you all will to. Hope you enjoy this song by Chris Webby Artist Chris Webby (Picture of ImpactfulContinue reading “Discover Music: Chris Webby – Stuck In My Ways”