Beautiful & Stunning Picture Of Chris Brown Part One

Discover Music: Chris Brown Ft Drake – No Guidance

Smooth and Soulful from Drake and Chris Brown, this is a soulful feeling of a song that makes you relax and fall in love with the man or woman of your life. 😅 I enjoy slow love songs like these that just make you enjoy love for what it truly is. Listen Below.

Discover Music: Cal Scruby Ft Chris Brown – Ain’t Sh*t Change

Cal Scruby Chris Brown This is such an amazing track, I wasn’t expecting to see all the people I did in this music video I kept seeing woody the great and not only that they both killed their verses so well and it was great talent and beauty on both their parts, I love howContinue reading “Discover Music: Cal Scruby Ft Chris Brown – Ain’t Sh*t Change”