Rapper Kyyngg Does Drive By Shooting LIVE on Instagram with Brother | Clout 9 (YouTube)

Most Viewed Videos From Kyle Exum (YouTube)

Today we are looking at Kyle Exum’s top 10 most viewed YouTube Videos. Kyle Exum has almost 4 million subscribers. 1. Dad’s Plan (God’s Plan Parody) #PREEXUMSEASON (20M+) 2. Mama Mode (Sicko Mode Parody) (19M+) 3. Old Belt Road (Old Town Road Parody) (14M+) 4. Lucid Dreams Parody (14M+) 5. The Mom Rap (13M+) 6.Continue reading “Most Viewed Videos From Kyle Exum (YouTube)”

Tank is and forever will be loved by many.

Tank For those who grew up knowing Tank he’s made some amazing tracks throughout his career, one of my favorite albums from Tank is Sex, Love & Pain, that will forever hold a memorable home in my life, my mother is someone who’s always loved Tank and she’s the one who introduced me to him,Continue reading “Tank is and forever will be loved by many.”