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Discover Music: Medasin ft Sophie Meiers – Tired

Love is what this song is truly about and how people aren’t real and like to play games, but Sophie really express her thoughts and feelings in this song and Medasin is such a fantastic artist that knows how to make such fine sounds behind a song and that’s why I enjoy this, it’s mellow,Continue reading “Discover Music: Medasin ft Sophie Meiers – Tired”

Discover Music: Medasin- Always Afternoon Ft Katleen

This song was truly incredible by Medasin and Kathleen, they both were two of an incredible collab and I appreciate the soul and the sound of both parties, Medasin never disappoints me with his music and its been a pleasure to be able to enjoy this amazing track for a hot minute so I hopeContinue reading “Discover Music: Medasin- Always Afternoon Ft Katleen”

Discover Music: Brockhampton- Alaska

This track reminds me of how I be feeling about certain things in my life and how you begin to start to grow as an artist or in business in general, I love the beat and nice flow of every artist that had a verse within this track, my favorite line from this track wasContinue reading “Discover Music: Brockhampton- Alaska”

Discover Music: Hunter Hayes – Wanted

Hunter Hayes’s Wanted song is something that brings faith back in humanity, though the song is 7- 8 years old, it still has so much meaning and truly defines what true love looks like if you take the time to really listen to the words and give this song a chance, I really appreciate youContinue reading “Discover Music: Hunter Hayes – Wanted”