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Emanuel wilder 

Name : Emanuel wilder 

Instagram : Living_for_the_ride

Share Your Story: my names Emanuel and I was born in Mexico to a mother and father that were involved in the cartel. They were murdered when I was three so I don’t remember them and I came to the US to live with my aunt after that. I was put in foster care upon arrival because I turned out that my aunt couldn’t care for me. I went from on bad foster home to another until I had been through 8 by the time I was seven. From the age of 4 to 7 I was molested by my older brothers everyday for hours. At the age of seven I was adopted by a loving and caring family but my trauma and abuse had taken its toll on me. I acted out majorly for years . At the age of 14 my younger brother passed I tried to save him but I couldn’t and it really hurt me. At the age of sixteen I got locked up for the first time because I got involved with them wrong people and decided to try to fit in . They told me they had my back but they were no where to be found when I got locked up. 
Now I’m 18 and I’m trying my hardest to succeed because that’s my biggest goal in life. 
My life wasn’t easy but I learned a lot from it.