Best Of Drake: Top 3 Youtube Tracks


This article is dedicated to the best of Drake, in which I will feature 3 of his most popular tracks that many people have enjoyed across the world, these videos are pulled from YouTube and I’m pretty sure his top songs are my favorite top songs, so here we go with the best of drake: top songs.


1. Hotline Bling (1.5B views)

2. God’s Plan (1.1B Views)

3. Started From The Bottom (443M Views)

From all these stats drake has accumulated 3.4B views in a matter of 7 years which in WordPress money if we was to calculate my cost per 1,000 views would be $4.86M in Ad Revenue. So that is amazing and such a blessing, great job Drake keep it up fam, I know you’re already a success but keep blessing us with amazing music because you are amazing fam.

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