Discover Music: Tayyib Ali – Do It

Tayyib Ali This song reminds me of how I feel about my grandparents especially this line Working overtime for a million And this is hip hop, bitch you can sit down Bum when I was younger but I bet you want me nizzow, Ballin in bound, haters they see me shining and they frizown IContinue reading “Discover Music: Tayyib Ali – Do It”

Discover People Around The World: Crypt

Crypt Crypt is truly a rap genius, no doubt he speaks truth and realness with every banger he drops, he’s indeed better than these mainstream artist, they mumble rap and he actually takes the time to write out his raps and makes them so they make sense and can be understand, bringing that real meaningContinue reading “Discover People Around The World: Crypt”

Rap At Its Finest: 10 Artists/Songs(New Or Old) To Bump To In 2020!

These are some new or old artists/songs that you should bump to in 2020, these artists truly have a essential style to their music and it’s something many of you may or may not heard but if you have good for those who haven’t enjoy. Ugly God- Lost In The Sauce Artist Ugly God

Five Female Artists To Listen To.

This is a list of female artist that have amazing music you truly should give a listen to, they all have a unique style to their own type of music and it’s interesting how they craft their music videos and songs together for our enjoyment and love we will have for them forever. ❤️ enjoyContinue reading “Five Female Artists To Listen To.”

Discover Music: Molly Moore – i love you but I don’t like you.

This song is something that I feel everyday for people who have done me wrong and I still care about them yet I don’t really like them. Molly does a wonderful job with the whole put together of the song, the sound, voice and everything flows so well, you all should definitely take a listenContinue reading “Discover Music: Molly Moore – i love you but I don’t like you.”