1. Can you please delete this? I’m one of her friend and i think it’s not that appropriate to publish her full data like this. Thank you.

  2. I hope you don’t rush in to changing you.
    What you dont like about yourself at 14, could just become what the whole world admires about you. Grow into your individuality. No hurry. We can wait on Beautiful💜

  3. P.S. Your opinuon of you Is far more important than what the world has to say. But just, know we will love what you love and see what you see. The World will follow your lead.
    Love YOU first💜
    Don’t worry about what we think. We will eventually get the Revelation!

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  5. I myself have grown up in an environment where my dad was an alcoholic and divorced my mom when I was 2, he died when I was three. Even though I was very young I still remember alot of it. I wish you all the best
    Kind regards