Delivering For Successful and Customer Satisfaction

To began with this week is a very hard week for me of course dealing with money issues but starting 6/3 and so fourth I will be handing out plenty of business cards this week to bring in hundreds of customers and plenty of deliveries estimated deliveries for the beginning of this week is 50 Deliveries today was good with one delivery which is a start. Let’s see how many more we get through the week. Still have Tues- Sun and over 900 business cards left. PRAYING EVERYDAY.


Starting In Mobile Alabama

Starting July 2018 TNWTL MOVEMENT Will be delivering food in Mobile, Alabama we aren’t partners with these companies maybe in the future, either way we just want to be able to service you food from anywhere you want and however you want it. 😊

Last month there was a total of 50-150 business cards handed out within the area

Total of 6 Deliveries in the last 2 Weeks

Over 200 business cards will be within the area today.

You’re Hungry We Know, We’re Going To Feed That Hunger.

Now it’s time to get things rolling see you out there.

CEO & DRIVER: Jeremy Manning