Anonymous journal topic: Appreciation & communication in a relationship

So you look at your significant other and what do you appreciate first? Wait. Before you answer that, reread what I said, what do you APPRECIATE about your significant other when you look at them. Do you notice their eyes? Do you notice their lips? What about their ears? Or what about their fat butt? Those are all things you can look at and admire, but appreciating your significant other is something they will remember for the rest of their life.

This is an anonymous journal with an anonymous writer of course. There is a lot of change that I want to bring to the world. One BIG thing is appreciation and healthy ways of communication. I’ve been thru my fair share of abuse and feeling unappreciated. But what I can say is. If your current situation is what I’m about to describe or if you can relate in anyway, remain positive. You got this.

So my relationship started off a little something like this, we met through friends, I had just graduated, I had just gotten out of a really serious relationship, so, I was kind in the stage of ‘we’ll get get reckless n see how this goes.’ First of all, that was my first mistake, LOL. But what I failed to realize was I didn’t wait to make sure that I was appreciated off the rip, I didn’t dig deeper into my first impression because I was already heart broken and I wasn’t really caring about anything. About 2 months later, everything was okay, until he started cheating. Now, cheating is a completely different topic BUT it does tie in with communication errors. It didn’t hurt me as bad as I thought it would, because I mean it was still the beginning I let that shit go it wasn’t like super serious. Things gradulated, and got deeper and at this point my feelings were focused on him, i was so infatuated with the fact that I could have had the love I’ve been wanting. That’s were I fucked up. You can’t find love in somebody it has to find you. Thats #1.

Months after months it was just attitude after attitude, and it’s never going to change. You have to realize, people like that, when they want to suck all of the ever-loving joy out of you, you HAVE to separate. It’s going to end up leaking into your aura, manifesting in energy that you can’t deal with right now. You can do it. I believe in you.

How do you know your appreciated? Appreciation can be verbal and non-verbal. You can look at somebody and see how their pupils just engulf the way you look. It’s like they wrap around you, mentally. You’ll know when somebody really loves you. But you have to love yourself first. Love works best when you adapt and change the toxic things about yourself and admit them together and change them together. Accepting every single flaw. You both have to change for the better. Keep things kosher.

There is a lot then just appreciating and communicating in a relationship. But this is my journal and my take on it. I have been thru a lot and these are the main things that I have admitted to fix myself and also along with my significant other. ALWAYS remember. Be kind. Be loving.