Well it’s Saturday and it’s been hell I guess I mean I’ve been here at the mall, just been thinking about life and it seems like my life gets weirder day by day, people stare and just look at you for no reason and you question to yourself why people stare at you I mean Im not cute in my opinion but other people think I’m a cute black guy no I’m not conceited about myself and never will become that way because that’s being a cocky person and I’m in no way shape or form cocky about who I am I just choose to live my life differently form everyone else, like I told many people before I motivational speak, write books and I’m beginning to go ahead my TNWTL MOVEMENT YOUTUBE series but anyways back to my story Frisco Mall it’s a beautiful place with amazing women and I seriously can’t wait to hold one of them in my arms if I ever will because well hell they probably are more richer than I am, yes I know my grammar and my writing is crappy but hey you have to express your thoughts somehow and I do it through blogging and from my heart I want to show people the real me and who I am as a person not give you a fake identity of who I am yes adults got it good and I’m an adult I’m neither Rich nor poor but I’m making it and I’m having great success but lemme put my phone down and think I love you guys have a great night and peace 🙏


Today was a really good day i mean i had really a cool time, to start off i want to work from 1-5pm which was ok and it didn’t bother me because i was just doing me when you become an adult its sucks i have a 14 year old friend sean and i’ve known him for years to come so i decided to go see him and i guess you can say he’s changed but thats ok because people change and when they change its not that bad and yes hes young and he has a gf that he talks about all the time i love that guy (no homo). it’s good to be back with him and i hope i can motivate him in some way or form because sometimes he wants me to do things i hate doing i sometimes do it, i try to make him take me serious but i dont know if he will take me serious idk if anyone will until i hit being famous in the world for doing big things with my movement. Honestly my mom doesn’t take me seriously but anyways short story long today was amazing but everyone have a nice night Goodnight