Discover Music: Jacob Collier – Time Alone With You Ft Daniel Caesar

Jacob Collier

Daniel Caesar

This song is truly great and I love how vibrant it is, this is a perfect collaboration with two amazing people who have a super incredible voice, I love how amazing the video music was. It had some great visuals and good effects to it. It was so funny too as well, so amazing job you two.

Discover People: Phony Ppl – Somehow

Phony Ppl

Somehow this song always makes me groove and smile because it’s such a good love song that has a good meaning to it with great people behind it, I truly love the line “I’m living by myself
Paranoid as hell
There’s nothing I can do
But somehow
I’ll keep on lovin’ you” it reminds me to keep going no matter how hard it may be I’m gonna keep loving that person that I want even if they tell me they want nothing to do with me. This is a very smooth and nice song by Phony Ppl.


Discover People Around The World: Ryan Beatty

Ryan Beatty

Ryan’s voice will have you with the Goosebumps, his voice is often heard Brockhampton track “Bleach” but he also has such a memorable voice that you will love it every-time you play his tracks, one of his amazing tracks is “Haircut” and it’s something that really has an amazing tone to it and it fits so well with his voice, truly appreciate Ryan Beatty for what he does.

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Discover People Around The World: Mac Ayres

Mac Ayres

When I think of Mac Ayres it brings joy to know we have this type of talent in this music scene, it’s annoying seeing the same artist over and over again and not having nothing new to the table really bothers me, so it’s amazing that Mac Ayres is truly making a good name for himself and music around the world. I love you Mac Ayres bro keep making that music. This music of R&B that Mac has is at an amazing level of greatness.

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Discover People Around The World: Crypt


Crypt is truly a rap genius, no doubt he speaks truth and realness with every banger he drops, he’s indeed better than these mainstream artist, they mumble rap and he actually takes the time to write out his raps and makes them so they make sense and can be understand, bringing that real meaning of rap into the way that it should be R-A-P Rhythm & Poetry just like every rap should should be. One of his very realist songs he’s created was I’m Not Okay where he really opened our eyes to his life and his thoughts. Nonetheless Crypt is a great rapper. Check him out.

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