BK Rockstar: Rap’s Next Superstar

BK Rockstar has been on the rise as of late with songs such as “Calabasas” and “Get Down”. His most recent release is “Leave Me Alone” with production done by Jug and Mason Wu and it is safe to say that he has proved that he is going to be a household name. His naturalContinue reading “BK Rockstar: Rap’s Next Superstar”

Anonymous journal topic: Appreciation & communication in a relationship

So you look at your significant other and what do you appreciate first? Wait. Before you answer that, reread what I said, what do you APPRECIATE about your significant other when you look at them. Do you notice their eyes? Do you notice their lips? What about their ears? Or what about their fat butt?Continue reading “Anonymous journal topic: Appreciation & communication in a relationship”

Libby Barnes

Hearing Libby Barnes is truly amazing, I listened to her song Just For Tonight and it reminded me of a very true love story but sad in a sense because in the music video it really looks like one of those moments you would enjoy with the love of your life and knowing that eventuallyContinue reading “Libby Barnes”

Alyssa Bonagura

Alyssa Bonagura from what i learned is a country artist singer who’s been doing music since birth, so she’s been born into the industry because her parents were in a band, i listened her song Rebel and I was amazed at how she sung it so well, beautiful sound, tone was on point and herContinue reading “Alyssa Bonagura”

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

The Avalanches This song really changed from smooth to rap in minutes but each and every moment was good in every way, I really love the tone of change with this song, it really shows how you can create two different sounds and put them together to make it become a very beautiful laid outContinue reading “The Avalanches – Because I’m Me”