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Instacart grocery delivery service set to launch in Lexington ...

What Is Instacart

  • Instacart is an American company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada

How You Earn With Instacart

  • Instacart provides an estimate of potential earnings for every order and guarantees shoppers will earn at least $5 for each delivery-only order and $7 to $10 for each full-service (shop and deliver) order.

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How You Earn with Postmates

  • You’ll earn a payout for each completed pickup and each completed drop-off. In addition, you’ll earn for each minute you spend waiting in store, as well as for the distance traveled between pickup and drop-off. This does not include additional tips and bonuses. As always, you keep 100% of customer tips.

What is Postmates

  • Postmates is an American company that offers local delivery of restaurant-prepared meals and other goods. 

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