⭐️TNWTL FAVORITE⭐️. Daydream by Medasin Feat Joba

Review: This is a classic for me I’ve been listening to this song for over 3 years, I’ve had some words with Medasin in the past and I’ve got to say this song he released was one of the most amazing tracks made by him and Joba let’s not forget about Joba who is currently a Brockhampton member, vocals are so on point and so beautiful it makes you wanna sing along, if you love something with a very smooth & R & B sound this is the song for you, many people will think it’s electronic type of song but honestly I don’t see it that way I actually see it very calming and cool especially for any special night or occasion. I’ve gotta thank to two artist Medasin & Joba for this great song and I truly hope to hear more from you both, some more collabs will definitely be amazing. Thank you guys for a great song with a dope beat and great vocal sound. It calms me down when I’m going through sh*t with people in the world I can take a moment to sit down and have this song on replay all day long and I will finally be in a state of mind of cool calm and collected. So I love it thank you both.

Rate: 5/5⭐️

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Genre: Electronic

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“Very Touching Song” Maintain Course by JZAC

Review: So as I listen to this song, I learned more about jzac in this song and it seems like in this track he’s going through something’s it’s like life is hard but he’s keeping his focus through all the bullsh*t people or life puts him through, he’s trying to maintain his focus while lots of negative tensions are coming his way and I love the verses he’s spits in this one, he ain’t any artist he said that right, he’s worked hard for this moment and he’s doing something big and trying to get his head in the game and just learning to understand and cope with criticism and people who try to get in his way. This song touches my heart because it reminds me of what I go through with this company of mine, I deal with people who criticize and get in my way of changing the world, so jzac I’m glad after all these years of speaking with you in a long Interview I see how you truly feel and you speaking from your heart. Great Song man

Rate: 4.8/5 Stars ⭐️

Album: Off The Boat

Genre: Hip Hop

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⭐️TOP RATED⭐️ Shaggy- It Wasn’t Me Featuring Rik Rok

Review: So this is more like a story/review I’m sure everyone knows this song, but if you haven’t it’s time you do I remember back in the early 2000’s I had a boombox radio that this song would always play on and every time it came on I would listen to the song, hence I’m a 11-12 year old listening to this song and didn’t have a clue about what it was about I just loved the way the song was groovy and something I could dance to I knew all the words to the song at such a young age, come to find out every time I listen to the song my mom would always tell me you need to stop listening to that song you are too young to know all of that information about what’s going on in the song, the funny part is every-time it would play on the radio I would still tell my granny to keep playing it and leave the radio alone. Here I am 21 years old and I finally understood the meaning when I turned into my teenage years and I truly understood why my family would tell me I was too young to listen to the song, Shaggy & Rik Rik I love you guys song and yes I was too young to listen to it but I love Rik Rok’s voice and the beat it’s amazing and I still listen to it today, it’s beautiful song that can teach everyone a lesson about what can happen when you do things you’re not supposed to do in a relationship and how things can catch up and bite you in the butt in the long run. THANK YOU BOTH FOR A BEAUTIFUL SONG. Hope you enjoy my review

Album: Hot Shot

Rate: 5/5 STARS ✨

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Genre: Reggae

Olé by Dabow

Review: PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! I fell greatly in love with this song, I just can’t seem to get enough of it, you know that feeling when you wake up and you just have all the energy in the world but you can’t stop moving because you’re in the mood to go wild and do something big that’s what this song makes me feel like, it’s like a big wake up call in the morning, I have to truly appreciate the artist Dabow for throwing such a great track on this if you need to wake up or even have something to listen to at the gym, track field or just wanna party hard this is your song, I listen to this song about 5 times a day and I even blow it loud in my big ole speaker in my car just so everyone can hear it and actually put their hands up and get in the groove ⭐️⭐️ I’m happy that this song has been alive that’s to Dabow I can’t wait to hear more of his songs and review more of them in the future, hope he reads the review. You can follow him below and check out his soundcloud.


5/5 STARS!!

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Midsummer Madness- Joji, Rich Brian, August 08, Higher Brothers, 88rising

Review: Fuck the rules!!! Is what they say it’s all summer vibe with this song right here might I saw this was actually one of their top hits, I love the song and the great summer vibe it brings, just imagine sitting on the beach with a group of buddies with nothing to do on the beach but relax and enjoy, no ones around it’s just y’all. Man this is my favorite track I play it about 10-15 times a day on average and have it on repeat over and over, August 08 singing voice is what makes the song better as you get into the climax of the song, Brian has a flow that’s really unique and different and I enjoy the beautiful scenes and places they were at in the song. I will release the video on my site for you to watch it, i hope you all love the song and please enjoy once again it’s amazing.

Rate: 5/5 Stars ⭐️

Last night, I lost all my patience
You were fucked up, I was wasted
Midsummer madness
I can’t take it no more, no more
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Make it make sense
Make it make sense, I
Can’t hide a heart in a black tint, I
You were off the bullshit and the tablets
Under 21, both savage
All these blurry nights feel the same to me
Heart full of hate, no vacancy
Only one you gonna blame when it’s over
Can’t look me in my eyes when you sober
Hey, I’m the one you call when you feelin’ low
Running up a check just to help you cope
I just want to live in the moment
You just want to fight ’cause you lonely
Tryna see a milly then be really up
Rockstar crash in my Bentley truck
You need all my love
You’ve got all the love
Last night, I lost all my patience
You were fucked up, I was wasted
Midsummer madness
I can’t take it no more, no more
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Uh, ayy, ayy, uh
Been a minute since I heard you wanna stay as friends
I learned from my mistakes, you make me want to learn again
I don’t really see the problem, it’s a risk I wanna take
You say “Let’s see where it goes” but I don’t really wanna wait
Ayy, look and listen up
You’ve been smiling when we fuck
Let’s not even think about it, we ain’t gotta talk a lot
We get it hotter than the summer, I’ll stay with you when it’s not
Put the slow jams on, I wanna see you make it pop, ayy
Moving all around the bed like we just toss and turn, ayy
Playin’ with the fire, I don’t care if I get burned, ayy
I’ma treat you good like you’ve been waitin’ for your turn, ayy
Nothing in the universe feel better than your tongue, ayy
‘Bout to go home, I know you finna come with
I’m playing these games like a pimp on the strip
Conversations late night about how we gonna live
I don’t got the answer to it, all I’m finna say is
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules (ayy, gang, gang)
Ru-u-u-ules (ayy, gang, gang)
Ru-u-u-u-oh (yeah)
當光灑進了 white Porsche
I never felt so good
Call me DJ Knowknow, oh-oh no
Fuck the rules
距離不是問題, I know
She lookin’ so pretty, I wanted a kiss
beautiful memories 存入我的iPhone X
I, I,I hope 24 can become 48
看日落 粉的天 有藍月亮陪
想要擁抱 我需要前給
Sunny gone, I don’t care, you’re my sunshine babe
I don’t feel control
I’m better on my own
I’m used to being so gone for way too long
Long, long, long
Rules, rules, rules
Rules, rules, rules

Midsummer Madness [Explicit]

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Whethan Featuring Ashe- Can’t Hide

Artists: Whethan Featuring Ashe

Song: Can’t Hide

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Review: Whethan’s Song Featuring Ashe Can’t Hide is such a beautiful song with great dynamics, the rhythm of the song along with Ashe’s voice is incredible not to mention, the instruments used to make the song, I love this upbeat vibe that sets your mood at anytime I give this song a 5/5.

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Can’t Hide (feat. Ashe) – Single

Brockhampton- New Orleans

Artist: Brockhampton

Album: Iridescence


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Review: I love the bass and sound of the song it gives a great vibe to it. I’m truly loving how the flow of the song is Matt Champion really stood out to me on this song with his great flow. So I’m truly loving this song indeed I give this song a 4.5 Stars out of 5.

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iridescence [Explicit]

—perfectly fine, that’s fine

Said, nigga brother, nigga brother, what you living for?
Is you gon’ finish what you started? What you quittin’ for?
They told me God gave me a mission
But I’m missin’ the supplies to complete it
I ain’t the one you should read in, I’m used to bein’ defeated
So nigga, brother who you standin’ with?
I’m independent ’cause these parties never planned for this
Brother nigga with a brain, unintentionally swervin’ in every lane
The feeling’s never the same, you chase what you couldn’t gain
I’m so accustomed to flames, I couldn’t tell you what’s fire
Situation is dire, hear them calls from the choir
The disposition acquired from my position on Earth
Is tellin’ me, “Decapitate everything for what it’s worth!”
When I die, these words gon’ need separate caskets in a hearse
I don’t rhyme, I freeze time and let these hands just do the work
I’m in tandem with my curse, goin’ manic since my birth
See this canvas as I planned it, I’m commandin’ with my nerves, ahh