Wanderlust Genuine Leather Passport Cover

Wanderlust Genuine Leather Passport Cover - $18.00


The Beautiful Story Of Tamar 

Introduce Yourself: Hello, my name is Tamar. I am 15 and I'm from Georgia.  Thoughts On People In The World?: Well, Everybody is different, Everybody is unique but not perfect. Unfortunately if we face the reality the main problem in the society nowadays is how selfish we are and how jelous of each other we get, but we... Continue Reading →

Ari Ahmad sofari Interview

Introduce Yourself: I'm ari ahmad sofari, I live in Indonesia, I'm 17 years old Thoughts On People In The World?: Have a happy day, no pain, no games What are your inspirations & goals?: I feel happy with what I have to give thanks for what I have How would you impact the world?: I 'm going to be... Continue Reading →

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