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Artist: Relyt

Album: Untold Album

Booking Prices: $50-$200


About myself – Im tyler i would like to explain a little bit of my story of all of you & just so all of you understand me and my music , i am from Fresno , California im 15 years old im making my childhood dreams come true , i grew up with a decent family normally there would be lots of fights & lots of drinking involved non stop , when i was 7 years old i started comparing myself to music as a hobby but not only as something fun to do but something that lets me express myself in best ways I grew up normally in hotel rooms because growing up me & my mother never had a place to call home , thats a little bit about me but the whole person is that im a different artists from others and people will understand why when i get noticed more often , my music is for people to relate over love , suicide , depression , being sad , i dont make music for peoples money / attention / hatred i make it for people to understand me on important topics i have to pour out into a song.

Artist name: P.V.Wavy

Upcoming Album: New Wave


Story: I’m a 14-year-old rapper. Born and raised in Arizona. Growing up my life started off a little rocky with my mom and Dad not having a lot of money and being raised in a small town, we made the best of it. My dad use to DJ and would rap on the side, which is how I started getting into rapping as well. Although soon my mom and my dad would separate and I would soon start to loose interest in rapping and making songs.Although I would still love the genre of, hip-hop and R&B, it wouldn’t be till’ I was around the age of 11-years-old, I would start to get into rapping once again. By then my mom had worked hard enough to get us out of our small town, and up to the valley. Up there is where I would start taking Music more serious. Now at the age of 13, I would start writing and uploading my raps to the social media site, “Instagram”.Around that same time is when I would also meet my new friends and Music partners, Enrique and Jojo. Who were also brothers. Together me and Enrique would record my first song, “iSpy (Remix)”. Ever since then I would still work with them to this day, and release another song with all of us titled, “Wave Gods”. Now at the age of 14, with 2 collabs, and 2 solo songs, in the span of just about a year. I’m still trying and will always be trying harder Till I can one day buy my dad his dream car, or take my mom and sister traveling, or just help support all of them. Thats what motivates me the most.