Jeremy Manning 

TNWTL MOVEMENT CEO/Leader/ Owner/Artist/Fashion Creator


TNWTL MOVEMENT is a movement that was created in order to help make a difference in the world and motivate, inspire and bring together  our youths, young adults and mature adults, The first way of doing that is by trying to interview as many people in the world young and old about their individuality and their feelings about the world the reason i started this is because i feel like in order for our opinions to be heard and us truly making a positive difference in the world why dont we just put them all on a website and make them available for anyone to see and we can learn, grow, cultivate, motivate,inspire people in so many ways.


Shops, Art , Entertainment, Interviews & More 

MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT SITE Media & Entertainment

  • Now listen people dont do this alot but the main thing i want to do is get everyone who views,follows and interviewers to support the movement and get into everything there is to offer because when i make money  with the movement i would like for us to travel yes you!!! Travel the world togerher and see many things and i want to meet many of you and do youtube videos together and get many supporters and subscribers so we can travel with them also.  I plan to get you guys invloved in the most beautiful movement that i’m giving out to the world

Here are the wonderful things to expect

  • Radio Station, Music
  • Interviews( All Ages)
  • Youtube
  • Art(Photographers & Beautiful Photos)
  • Donations
  • Online Stores & Physical Stores
  • Events, Festivals, Books & More
  • Clothing Line(Website Will be Linked Under Here)(Coming Feb 2017) https://www.tnwtlmovementshop.ecwid.com
  • Events(Community Events, Fun Activites)
  • Giving back to All Communities(Homeless, Foundations, Food Pantries, Etc)
  • Restaurant Coming 2018

Sincerely TNWTL MOVEMENT Owner/CEO & Leader- Jeremy Manning


38 thoughts on “About 

  1. Thanks for the follow– Really like the concept behind your page! You can never go wrong motivating individuals to help create a better world.


  2. Thanks so much for following my blog 🙂 Best wishes to you with your blog – the world needs all the positive vibes it can get right now!


  3. I’ve read a couple of the interviews. What a great blog! Looking forward to reading more of it! And thank you for following mine as well (An Attempt At Release)!!


  4. Hi… you liked and followed me. thanks but I disconnected the follow… ‘cuz i have NO idea why u wanna do it other than tagging me to follow U back… many young black men are “branding” and sh*t… which I guess is valid, but it ain’t my thing. i’m not a fan grrrl.
    U are currently “branding” yourself so…OK… good enuff… and U R young. So maybe it’s the right trend to comply with…
    i really dunno.
    i don’t give a f*ck about twitter.
    i think twitter sucks.
    but peace and love to u and best wishes for reals..


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