Jeremy Manning. He’s 21 Years Old. Born & Raised From Dallas.


Part One

TNWTL MOVEMENT or That’s no way to live is a company dedicated to letting people speak freely about their stories and much more to express with the world in order to understand human life, bring positivity into humanity and bring the good out of people, these stories are shared on this website and will be viewed by billions so far 143,974 people have been on the website and look forward to many more, everyday I am reaching out to people. Looking to reach a goal of 1,000+ people a week to share their stories.

Part Two

TNWTL MOVEMENT is also creating ways to bring people together, through many events such as social events, events for the kids, events for the communities all over the world, including different countries, also spreading positive content through movies & TV shows created by the company & other people as well so we hope you all enjoy that part of the company.(TV Shows & Movies May Contain Things Not For Children So Parental Discretion is Advised) . Other Content Will Be Shown On Website As Well.

Final Part 

TNWTL MOVEMENT is also partnered with many companies and will be posting millions of products on website which they will show as pictures you can click on and buy from their site, not only that there will be an individual store that will be available to buy our products, TNWTL MOVEMENT also has a delivery service that will be available all across the USA soon & app will be made to make things easier but there’s a second second site for the delivery service & also where you can buy products. Ads Will be placed on website which generates revenue for the company. there’s a donation button that will be available to help with events for the community all around the world.


TNWTL MOVEMENT is wanting to connect people around the world and grow a business independently from interviews(life stories) , products , content, events  & a delivery service. our website views goal is 1 trillion & we are destined to reach it.

Check Out The Second Website Here

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