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Millions of children aren’t pursuing university because the serious, sobering and ‘academic’ narrative doesn’t fit them. You are entitled to be your authentic self with an education also. Take me for example, absolute lengers and much smart. On a serious note though, a personality and an education are not mutually exclusive. You can be pretty, fashionable, sociable, into beauty and reality tv and be intellectual, enjoy studying, reading and the arts for example. Don’t even get me started on the idea that black people can’t be black and well educated or professional – that one is for another post. I have heard countless times that I’m too pretty for anyone to take seriously as a psychologist, my breasts are too big for anyone to pay attention to what I’m saying, I’m not white enough for the profession, I’m too jokey for a serious profession, I’m too spiritual for a science based masters. Maybe people just haven’t seen someone like you succeed in that profession before and you need to take that and make it your mission to show them what it looks like. Don’t ever let anyone tell you your dream isn’t for you. And let’s stop forcing people to live in narrow narratives, it’s very damaging. This ‘too pretty’ or ‘too cool’ to be smart narrative is really strange and if you aren’t multifaceted yourself and don’t know how to be, just say that instead of dragging others. Also for my lil nerds in the room, I stole this joke from twitter today: Doctor: Your body has run out of magnesium. Me: 0Mg

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