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Tired of being insecure!! Let’s all just finally agree on this. Eliminate self talk and introduce self love. Easier said than done and it’s something I battle on the daily, but I’m sick of it! So many of people on Instagram preach self love, but how often do they actually practice it? I don’t preach self love because I know I’m not in a state of completely loving myself yet. I don’t think most of us are. We all have some kind of insecurity right? Putting on a face mask, taking a bath, reading a book may be acts of self love.. but do your really LOVE yourself? Ask yourselves that. How many times a day to you catch yourself with negative thoughts? Whether it’s towards your appearance or just generally anything? Work, relationship, social life? It doesn’t have to be just appearance based. It could be work performance. It could be how you interact with others. I know this all just may sound like mumbo jumbo to y’all (see, that’s me being negative right there!) but I’m just tryna get my words out 😂. I’m definitely trying on loving myself, and I think that’s what matters. It’s the fact that you’re trying. You’re trying to be a better you. Don’t get upset if you never climb up to the top of “self love” mountain but, at least you got damn close to the summit right? Anyways, that’s my 5am ramble (the time I’m typing this up). I hope you guys have a happy and safe Sunday. As always, engage in the comments, I’d love to have a conversation about this with you guys and hear your thoughts.

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