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June is Awareness month! I’ve gotten so many requests to help raise awareness for different health conditions etc on my page and how I’d love to have the time to make a video for every single one of you, I decided to make this post about it ALL in one! The truth is, I cannot comment about living with a chronic illness or health condition because I have no idea what that’s like. Most of us have been very lucky to not have to go through something so emotionally and physically painful, exhausting, traumatic and life threatening. But ALOT of people do. And ALOT of people hide it well. Remember there are so many different health conditions from minor and/or major anxiety to life threatening depression, other chronic illnesses etc etc . We never know what someone is battling so please be kind to one another. Support all of those less unfortunate souls who set the biggest example of strength for the rest of us. Y’all are the reason why the world has faith and believes in hope. I will always do everything i can to make a difference and spread the word to raise more awareness. This tank top I’m wearing here says “F#!K Scleroderma.” One of my closest friends suffers from scleroderma desease and I dedicate this post to her. And to everyone else that battles/suffers with all other types of diseases. @theautoimmuneslayer you are a warrior and biggest inspiration. Nobody would ever tell you battle with and have battled for years with such trauma and chronic pain daily while you’re personality, energy and attitude is larger than life itself. I love you and F scleroderma forever. . . . . . . . . #awareness #raiseawareness #june #awarenessmonth #kind #strength #love #world #hope #peace #help #support #post #sharethelove #worldlove #instagood #feelgood #dedicate #lauracecemusic #lauracavacece

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