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Before anyone gets their ninnies in a twist lemme clarify one thing: • I am NOT coming for influencers in this video. Attacking influencers for just doing their job is so boring and lazy tbh. I have blogger friends and I’m like yes girl, get that coin 💅 Fuck I’m partial to the odd #gift #spon myself and happily will take your free shit! • I’m also NOT coming for people who use influencers to promote their services. It is a good strategy and if it works for you great! Just make sure you’re not being taken for a ride. Expect loyalty and set boundaries. I have a very small number myself that I give a discount too for promotion and tbh it’s bc they get my vibe, are loyal, honest and genuinely lovely people. • So who am I dragging? Anyone who has the AUDICITY to slide into somebody’s DM’s, Whether they be a hairdresser, dentist, brow artist, restaurant whatever, and outright ASK for free shit. As if that little ‘K’ beside your following grants you that level of entitlement. • It doesn’t really happen to me anymore cause people fucking know I love a screenshot and share, but I remember as I started to grow my following it was constant. Blow-ins (who weren’t even following me) asking if I wanted to ‘collaborate’. Oh you mean me do your hair for free? Do I even know you? Fuck off. • However this still happens a lot to other people growing their following or clientele. In recent weeks people have reached out to me telling me they’ve got similar messages; what should they do? So put it this way. • Let’s say the desired colour service is €250. If you were standing on the street and a random person you’ve NEVER EVEN SPOKE TOO approached you and said ‘hey can I have €250, I’m very well known and I’ll tell people you did it :)’ what would you say? • The conversation should ALWAYS be initiated by you. It’s an excellent way to put yourself out there, but as with any other partnership; be sure the people you’re working with are authentic, fit your mould and happy to be a genuine tool for your growth. • Not Sally, 46k, botched lip filler done by her nail girl, (for free), rep for every teeth whitening strip that will throw her €10 🖕 • #hairvideos #conorjameseducation

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