I’ve been writing about females for a minute and I have been observing certain people and come to find that there are some women who are too prideful for themselves but really there’s no end goal, it’s just them trying to prove a point as if they are better than others. Here is 1 out of 100+ lists I will make of the cockiest females on Instagram, which is a true set off.

1. Winter Jade

Am I joke to you? She can be a little cocky, trust me i dont hate on these females because of what they have lol, their behavior towards people is disgusting and I just want to say it loudly, be careful writing about Winter, she won’t even pay you no mind lol, yet she is extremely cocky.

2. Tiana Hoad

Don’t even get me started IDK if she doesn’t like black people or is it just me but yo I’ve tried to work with her and get to know her and make her feel good as a person and you know what I got, she told me our conversation is not valuable and leaves me on seen so much, she’s too cocky for my blood, when you have 20 incomes on a website & know how to be a passionate individual then speak to me doll otherwise take that back sh*t to the Australian folks not me.