Tiana Hoad is a Woman you should get to know.



My first thoughts when I spoke with Tiana was that she kind of threw me off with a pretty rude vibe(no offense), because I was just wanting to conversate, it turned ugly but the more I spoke to her, the more I came to see just how passionate and learn just a bit about her life that I’m sure she’s never told many, I have to say she’s quite beauty and I have been low-key crushing on her, if she discovers this article which 9/10 she will I hope she just knows that I believe in all her ventures and I’m watching her grow,  she may not be watching my growth and that is fine, she will come to see just how big this website really is getting, but I am glad I met Tiana, we live in different states but in the near future I plan on investing in her dreams and meeting her to chat about life and talk ideas on businesses, no doubt if you ever find Tiana on Instagram or anywhere, she’s quite the woman but that’s what makes her a dope and wonderful person is her personality. Anyways here are some beautiful pictures of Ms Tiana.