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Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume – $49.99Not just anyone can be captured by a powerful mob boss after a rescue mission goes awry and then take down that same boss amidst the chaos of an exploding firefight with the very chain that is keeping her tied down.Princess Leia not only does all this, but she enslaved generations of nerds in the process with the hottest outfit sci-fi has ever seen! Did you know that this costume was created in reply to complaints that Carrie Fisher was making about how boring her costumes were in the previous two episodes? She thought that she didn’t even look like a woman in them! Well, the hormones of nerds around the world will never be at a reasonable level again thanks to that wonderful complaint.Rumor has it that Han secretly begged Leia to save it after they rescued him. And guys won’t make the mistake of mistreating a girl who’s wearing this outfit. Jabba did, and look what happened to him – he got strangled in his own sail barge. Needless to say, Han never disobeys when she has this number on. Now you can feel sexy and powerful with your own Slave Leia outfit. Grab your own scruffy looking nerf herder and threaten to put him back in carbonite if he doesn’t do exactly what you want, and you always know exactly what you want. This costume is great for Star Wars themed convention or party whether you’re in a group or just an individual. Chains sold separately…


Jeremy Manning


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