Paloma Silva Expresses Deep Gratitude To Jeremy Manning


Yesterday when I spoke with Paloma never in my life would I ever hear the beautiful words of how she felt about the type of guy I am, granted Paloma does have a man, it still felt good to know there’s a woman especially one who is extremely popular and loved by many has told me that she appreciates the fact that I respect her and who she is which is true, when I first met Paloma through Instagram, she already had such a beautiful personality, out of all the women I’ve written about she has been the one to support and stay part of my life, plus she wants to work on a huge fashion brand with me, and I am happy that she wants to just do this with me, I am proud of Paloma for where she wants to go in life and I truly want to see her succeed and I want to succeed alongside with her in every project me and her decide to do.

Here is the positive message from Paloma that made me smile.

Here’re some pictures of the lovely Paloma

Jeremy Manning


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