World Of Ramen Noodles:VIFON Vietnamese Style Rice Noodles Beef Pho.

Today I am trying the VIFON Vietnamese Rice Style Noodles (Beef Pho) I will be rating the ramen by 3 things presentation, quality and taste they are scored out of 5, so to begin with these noodles here are the instructions


Time to cook – 10 minutes

  • Boil Hot Water
  • Add Rice Noodles and Seasoning Into Bowl
  • Add Water Up To Line and Close lid and Wait 3 Minutes


  1. Boil Hot Water

Boil your water on medium high to high and wait for 3-5 minutes before coming back to make your ramen.


2. Prepare Your Noodles

Add Ramen Seasoning and to the ramen bowl, make sure you’ve added everything it came with, which it came with a very handy fork but I use chopsticks to eat my ramen.

3. Pour HOT Water in with the ramen and close the lid, wait 3 minutes for the ramen to cook to it’s full potential.


4. Once you’ve waited 3 minutes, go back to noodles and open it up and stir your noodles, so they can soak up the flavor.


5. Once you’ve stirred your noodles to your perfection then you can eat your amazing pho and enjoy the wonderful flavor.



Presentation: Overall the packaging was very well-thought-out, they, made sure they sealed it to keep the noodles fresh, and they don’t become bad, so my rate for the presentation is


Quality: I truly enjoyed the flavor, it was rich in flavor, the noodles were actually good quality, and they soaked up the flavor so well for instant Pho, now I do wish the flavor was a bit more flavorful but nonetheless, that was amazing Pho and i would definitely recommend it to my friends and family for them to try it out so my rate for the quality is.


Taste: beefy flavor, thick noodles is the way to go which is the incredible thing they did with this ramen, they succeeded so well at it because they had a very restaurant type flavor, as I said previous if the flavors were stronger yes it would be the best but I really loved the taste so I would have to rate the Taste.


The Total score for the VIFON Vietnamese Rice Style Noodles (Beef Pho) Is 13.9/15 which is GOOD.

Thank you for tuning in see you in another review for the world of ramen.