What Has The World Become?

Before I start this story I just wanna make clear that if you are easily offended by what I have to say then please exit this post and website immediately, this is all from experience and what I’ve come to notice in the world.

Before Social Media, their was friendship, laughter, love and peace in the world, we all lived differently, it wasn’t about who’s better than the other or who’s relationship is the best, who can have babies before the other, it wasn’t about that, the world is going downhill and just when people think it’s going uphill it’s truly not, the men and women including myself have changed, a lot for the worst than the better. Let’s explore some aspects in which this world has truly because something we thought would never have expected. Don’t blame society when we are society.

Social Media

The era of social media has brought far more negatives than positive, when it first started out, all platforms were all friendly fun platforms where people could enjoy each other and talk to old friends and family, today of course has changed, now social media has become a comparison chamber for many, today people try to compete on who gets the most followers, they show off their life to make everyone want to be like them, but in all honesty all that glitter is not gold, I’ve heard from influencers that they can’t even support their family with Instagram they have to try other means just to get by, followers doesn’t bring them anything. Another thing I’ve noticed is many people are stooping very low to life a fast life, onlyfans and other pornography websites have been taking over lives including the social media platforms, it’s as if people have no common knowledge of building something up from the bottom, then they go and get entitled, but when all that money and little fame you had for showing you body disappears, who’s gonna be by your side then, you have to learn self-respect which is what the world has lost since the rise of social media, they are trying so hard to be liked and loved by someone else other than their mate, they force people to agree with their lifestyle especially if it’s wrong and everyone knows it is, we are adapting to what everyone thinks instead of speaking up and doing something about it. We have lost touch with God in which many people believe and many don’t, the lesson here is to stop watching the world and adapting it’s way, learn to truly stand for what’s right and help people because a lot of people are very unhappy with their life, that’s the main reason they chase these things that aren’t normal to us who have physically worked for the things we do, no sex work is not work because it’s just not sane, it’s very disgusting and disrespectful you have to go out of your way to literally have sex on a screen and think that’s just normal, your life is your business and shouldn’t be shared with the world, learn to truly wake up and find yourself real happiness and don’t settle for less because of your past or what everyone is doing and believe that will make you happy because I’m going to tell you now, it will truly destroy you before you realize it, your health will deteriorate and you will feel less and lesser and become angry about life and to others, so be careful where you place your life at, value who you are because there’s only one of you.

Where has the true love gone?

as I mentioned before the world is fading, does this mean love has been fading too? let’s examine that. In this world their are 7 billion people 3 billion of those people live in poverty, the others are living what we call a normal life, it’s like as if the love of our hearts are weary and it takes a disease or a pandemic to make us wake up and do something which is really not love, you’re only doing it because you realized the damage has been done and you’ve been busy caught up with your own life that you didn’t take the time to think about others, what’s the lesson here, it’s that we should all learn to cope with one another and love each other, why build hate in our hearts when we live on this planet together, do you know how many people cry and suffer everyday, mentally and physically, in other news relationships are always deteriorating, people make sex and bragging rights a normal thing, everyone tries to brag of how wonderful a person is but the thing is, what’s hiding behind the curtain is it really love or are you truly to put a mask over what is really going on, Most females in this world are now objects to men as they beat, rape, manipulate and even kill them, it’s like our world is breaking apart but it’s like everyone has that i don’t care attitude or it is what it is or we only live once so let’s live recklessly and make our lifespan shorter which is what’s been happening now, the self-love for ourselves and others has been dropping more and more every year, drugs are an addition that is putting people out of their misery, suicide has been a trend but it’s been more and more common, lastly the love for those who are their for us, we take that for granted or don’t even care for what they have to say because we are so self-absorbed we keep forgetting that everyone is not like other people who have hurt you, where has the self love gone, why can’t every learn to live peaceful and not brag about love and relationships or even sexual things, we have to learn to be mindful of other people and not just ourselves. That’s how we will make the world a better place by coming together and realizing that we are all humans and we must step in as a whole and come together to make the world a truly better place. Love and Peace is the way of life.


The lesson here is that these lifestyles we are living are very different and there’s always a right when there is a wrong, the bragging about your life to one another is nothing but causing anger in someone’s heart which they can physically and mentally hurt you, the bragging of your relationship is nothing special, you should be proud of who you are with and shouldn’t have to put up a trophy post Every-time to make people feel like your relationship is the best in the world when in most cases it’s not, the constant leaving out of people’s lives who are trying to help you be a better person and love yourself is only gonna destroy you in the end, sex workers your work is son to take a toll on your life as quite a few of you will end your life or end your career but have a hard time regaining yourself because you’re known for one thing and one thing only you will constantly be reminded of that lifestyle you had. Everyone let’s learn to learn and remind ourselves that we are all humans, we shouldn’t be fighting, killing or causing harm to each other, we should be learn to be happy, especially those in the music industry learn to love each other, stop fighting over a rank or competing for a spot in life, learn to work together to build each other up and not being shady to each other and keeping dirt piled up in your heart because one person did something to you people look up to you and you need to set a positive example and be humble online and in real life, portray who you truly are and not who you are trying to be like. Everyone else please do the same, be an example in the world and teach people how to love and new things in life, please don’t feed people with negative energy because that’s the last thing we need in our world. I love you all, please stay blessed, thanks for tuning in, I may not be good at writing but I hope I got my point across, be cool everyone take care- sincerely TNWTL MOVEMENT CEO Jeremy Manning.


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