Brianna”Amazing” Morgal


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Brianna Amazing , the girl whose dreams she wants to become into reality. Born & Raised in Levittown, Pennsylvania this bright 23 year old young girl has a lot to accomplish in this lifetime, such as becoming someone in the music industry . Music has made such an impact on her life to the point that she wants it to become her career. Brianna wants to go to school for engineering and production and wants to one day have her own music studio and be a producer . When she was in middle school at the age of 12 years old , she learned to play the violin and played during her time at Pennwood Middle School in Yardley, Pa. Also, she was in the honors choir while attending at the same time. She learned to play the guitar and piano in high school as she started to gain more interest and love for the music industry as well was in the music choir and was in honors for her 9th grade year at Pennsbury High School in Fairless Hills , Pa. When she had an injury in the middle of 12th grade year when she transferred to Center for Student Learning in Levittown , Brianna got her G.E.D. at Bucks County Career Link . She got her diploma there, as well as take college tours to continue and proceed with one day being someone who followed her dreams and was doing something she loved doing everyday. One of the people who inspired her around like age of 13, was the music artist Machine Gun Kelly ( Richard Colson Baker ) . He has been there for her threw everything , even in the really dark times her role model got her threw it. Brianna looks up to MGK, and everyday listens and spreads his movement threw her life. The one thing she wants to do before her life is over, is too meet him and to meet someone who can speak to her the way he does in his music and for the person he is as well. She wants to make music for people with the same passion as hers and to follow there dreams just like she wants too. Looking at different colleges and going threw hard times in her life , she has always remained to never change her career choice. Brianna in the last year , decided she wants to go to a college and get a degree in music.  She did an internship at Bristol Riverside Theatre as a stage management / engineer intern for a year while getting paid . The theatre was a very different experience for her but she started to fall in love with it as meeting new people and learning new things. The internship really put it into prospective for her as in the future. There is many colleges for music and she is still touring and looking for a school that she could blossom at in the way she wants too. Even though she has not always been on the right track , she never let anyone become between her and her dreams. Brianna Is 23 years old , with a lifetime ahead of her and she will always be a MGK fan no matter what happens he will always aspire her to follow her dreams into the music industry .

































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