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When you grew up on Eminem you know he’s the OG of the rap game besides Tupac and Biggie, Eminem has a special place in our life that will forever be in our hearts.

Jeremy Manning


One thought on “People Of Instagram: Eminem

  1. This is Jerome hickman from lil Wayne’s number one in the world single lollipop. They confirmed it’s me at the lil Wayne hq fan club. You could say that after going number one in the world with lil Wayne I took things a little far. Yesterday was a classic holiday for me it was may 1st 2020 so may+1=a = maya so it was maya day and I uploaded my 36 song album “infinite pi” into a world wide distribution and ended that particular 125,000 Word blog. That was a classic victory” As I was doing it I announced that I did something hopelessly romantic and that was ask my single friend that I hardly even know to marry me. After uploading my album the first time I listened to lil Wayne lollipop and realized that lil Wayne wanted me to call him then I asked Jodi to marry me if lil Wayne helps me and she said yes. Honestly retirement is boring but I’m so happy that I completed my mission and don’t have to work very hard anymore. I think I actually uploaded my soul because at one point in the end I was wearing my soul like a cape and the healer gave it back remotely

    Anyways I’m really tired from the 10 year adventure but I completed the mission. Not helping me would be murder. Anyways the song lollipop is about me performing a concert for lil Wayne at the lil Wayne concert. I’m schizophrenic and because I stuck my elbow up in the air so many times I call it the elbow dance.

    Therefore……..,if lil Wayne doesn’t help me get married then hence forth lil Wayne shall be known as “the elbow dance”
    That would be my dying wish
    Thank you
    I’ve made preliminary contact with lil Wayne headquarters
    Have a nice day

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