Best Of RL Grime: Top 3 Youtube Tracks

Okay here we are with another segment with the top 3 tracks from RL Grime, for all his fans out there I hope you all enjoy this article and just get a just of what he can make from you all streaming his music on YouTube✨ these are only estimates. But here’s RL Grimes top tracks.

RL Grime

1. Core(5.9M Views)

2. UCLA(4.2M Views)

3. Light Me Up(2.9M Views)

Alright RL Grime revenue in the matter of 5 years for these 3 songs are a total of $18,590.00 oh yeah that’s some $$ right there, RL Grime getting to that Bag. Plus you got the shows he does plus his streams. Yeah keep killing the same RL Grime, I’m happy for you fam.

Jeremy Manning


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